Rocket, sometimes called arugula. Rocket’s seeds are exceptional because they are mucilaginous and can’t be soaked or sprouted in a sprouter. So if you want to enjoy the exceptional taste of this plant, you need to grow it as a microgreen.


  • Follow The Steps!

Getting started

  • Pour 50ml of water over the soil tablet.Add more water if needed.
  • Watch the soil expand. The soil should have a wet mixture all the way through.
  • Now place your seeds on top of the soil (take care not to press down too hard).
  • Now use some of your soil mixture to cover the seeds.
  • Remember to wash your hands when you’re done!

Germinating your microgreens (2-5 days)

  • Place your microgreens in a warm/dry place to germinate. *Hint: boiler room is a perfect spot.
  • After a few days you should see a little plant appear from the soil. That means the seeds have germinated and will be ready to move!

Growing your microgreens (8-10 days)

  • Open the lid of the box and place the box in a place with enough light, but not directly in the sun. Check the soil in the morning, and before bed.
  • If the soil feels dry and crumbly, pour a small amount of clean water over the surface.
  • Only water it if the soil is dry and is crumbly. *Over watering can lead to plants dying.
  •  Within 8-10 days your microgreens will be fully grown and will be ready to harvest!

Harvest time

  • Now your microgreens are fully grown, it's time to harvest it!
  • Hold top of the leaves and carefully cut at the bottom of the stem using scissors.

5 Ways to eat microgreens

  • You can eat it on its own! They are delicious and very flavourful!
  • Salad - Add to your salad to for perfect bright addition to your salad.
  • Sandwiches and wraps - microgreens are a fabulous way to add a punch of flavor and pack in the nutrition on any sandwich or wrap.
  • Cooking with microgreens - While some need to be tossed in at the very last second (radish sprouts are a prime example) others can stand up to a little heat. Microgreens can be a perfect addition to stir fry dishes. They also do well in other dishes like this pasta with fresh spring veggies.
  • Juices/Smoothies - helps cut the green flavor in your green vege smoothies and gives a seriously dense nutrient boost at the same time.

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