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Nature & Science

~ The secret to our health is in our nature ~

Nature from New Zealand

~ Country with more sheep than people. ~

The Science behind Kōrure products

~ The Best of Science and Nature ~

Kōrure Marine Phospholipid Oil contains quality Omega-3, and Omega-3 can rid inflammation, alleviating joint pain. Here is how it works: 
Cell's fats  🡲  COX  🡲  Inflammation of cells
Typical pain killers such as Aspirin kills COX, but COX is essential for other areas. Resulting in harms to other health functions.
Omega-3 replaces the cell's fats, leaving the COX untouched, hence producing no harmful side-effects. Kōrure Marine Phospholipid Oil derived from New Zealand green-lipped mussel has particular special Omega-3 properties that aid in absorption and effectiveness.
Kōrure Marine Phospholipid Powder contains Glycosaminoglycans (GAG). A 'post-Glucosamine' substrate, essential for cartilage rebuilding. Here is how your body builds cartilages.
Glucosamine 🡲 GAG 🡲 Cartilage cells
GAG is a broad category of well-researched substrates such as Chondroitin and Hyluaronic Acid. Certain individuals can have varied ability in breaking it down, hence why it is generally recommended to take in GAG, a direct source, rather than a pre-cursor.